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Well, we are back again, we’ve survived October and we find ourselves in the thick of year end. How is this even possible? Our fabricators have been busy with custom orders. Did you know we can fabricate and build you anything you want? Our latest project is this self contained steamer unit! Fully self contained, fuel tank, lighting, power, water, steamer. This one is going all the way out to Galena, a small Alaskan village, these steam units are great for unthawing frozen ground and piping. If you ever find yourself needing a custom piece of equipment, give Totem a call. There is a very good chance we can build it for you, quickly and efficiently!

It’s been a while since our last blog post, crazy how life can get the best of your time. We find ourselves on the heels of another winter, looking back at the whirlwind of summer. How is it that summers seem to be gone in just a blink of an eye? Anyway, let me get you caught up on some of the exciting new things happening at Totem Equipment! We had the pleasure of picking up the Bell Truck line, we partner with so many lines of equipment (hundreds actually), and every now and then one of them is just really exciting. While I was doing research on Bell Trucks, for this very blog entry, I came across some information on how the Bell company started. “Founded in 1954, as a family-run engineering and machinery repair shop, Bell Equipment has grown into a world leader in the off-highway truck and hauler business and home to South Africa’s proudest products. In Africa, Bell is the brand of choice for a wide range of mining, construction, road building, material handling, forestry and agricultural equipment. Machinery built to endure in harsh conditions while providing an exceptional return, backed by a dedicated network of customer centers providing total support from finance and service to spare parts and logistics, is what customers have come to expect of Bell Equipment.” This reminded me so much of our own humble beginnings. My grandpa, Cliff Huston, who turned 95 this July, started Totem Equipment & Supply in 1961 with just $8000.00. Back then we sold all kinds of things, snow machines, and coots, basically anything poppa could afford. Fast forward to 2016 and we have expanded to what we are today, and we have our Totem line of heaters all over the world! Thanks Poppa! To get back on track and tell you more about how we got hooked up with another likeminded company! The North Slope Borough, in Barrow Alaska contacted us looking for a large rock truck. We got in contact with Bell Trucks, the deal went smooth, the North Slope is happy with the machine, and we hope to continue doing business with Bell Trucks in the future!


First Blog!

Welcome all- to the first Totem blog. We’re getting tech savvy around here and thought this is a great way to keep all of our loyal customers updated on hot topics in the Alaska equipment industry. Any feedback or questions on the topics we discuss or suggestions for future topics would be much appreciated!

Mike just returned from his trip to ConExpo in Las Vegas with a fleet of equipment that has everyone at Totem excited for the upcoming construction season. For starters, we are expanding our fleet of Sany Excavators. Mike sealed a deal with Sany in 2013 to become the dealer for Alaska and we put a 135 to work over at Totem Rentals. A solid summer of testing proved the 135 to be a strong, reliable excavator. We had customers raving that the Sany will dig as fast and hard as any unit they have ever sat in. When you consider the fact that Sany excavators come in at roughly 2/3 the cost of the other name brands, we realized what kind of value we had our hands on. With the addition of a larger 215 and a compact 75, we now have a Sany excavator for all of your jobs this summer. Come on in and check one out, we should be seeing the new units arriving before the snow is gone.

Another exciting addition to the Totem lineup this year is Liugong Forklifts. Never doing anything halfway Mike brought in a carload of lifts. We have both 7000# capacity diesel and 5000# propane     fork lifts.  Liugong produces an excellent lift with all of the bells and whistles. Coupled with a strong leasing/rental program we predict you will be seeing Liugongs all over Alaska soon!

Do you have any trenching work coming up this summer? Totem Rentals is proud to offer the Toro Pro-Sneak 360. This workhorse has both a digging chain and a vibratory plow. We picked this trencher based on the proven strength of the Toro product line. Totem’s success with the Dingo compact utility loaders has solidified Toro’s reputation as a leader in compact equipment and we are excited to provide Alaska with their fine products.

Thanks again for stopping by! We will do our best to keep you guys posted with all of the exciting news coming from your favorite Alaskan owned and operated Equipment Company.